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2012, Makati City
When I was still working a 9-5

2012, Makati City

When I was still working a 9-5

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2012, Ortigas Center

2012, Ortigas Center

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If photography quotes were used by cooks

1. If your potatos are not good enough, they are not cooked enough.

2. I cook to see what the world looks like cooked

3. It’s more important to cook with people than to cook with a burner

4. You don’t take a burger, you make it.

5. A good dish is knowing where to blanche

6. Your first 10,000 dishes are your worst

7. The best thing about a medium rare steak is that it never changes even when the fats in it do

8. The Stove is an instrument that teaches chefs how to cook without charcoal

9. There are always two people in every restaurant: The Chef and the instagrammers

10. The dish is a secret about a secret. The more you eat it, the less you know.

11. There are no rules for good food, there are only good food.

12. There is nothing worse than a cooked carrot with a fuzzy concept.

13. The cookbook is the equivalent of the composer’s score and the dish, the performance.

14. Twelve significant entrees in one year is a good crop.

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melbournecitystreets said: What is your favourite podcast?

My favorite is the Rooster Teeth podcast. It is a podcast starring some of the folks over at Rooster Teeth productions known for their work for Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and Achievement hunter. Mostly geek culture and nerd related :) Helps when I want to distance from photography a bit.

They are the company that inspired my best friend and I to start our own podcast network, channel fourteen :D

But my all time favorite and what got me into listening to podcast is this short lived photography video podcast by Riaan De Beer. It only has 6 meaty episodes that got into in depth discussions on the composition, history, and background of a particular photography. I sorely miss the Naked Photo podcast :) 

Give some of those a listen and enjoy :D

- A.g.


The (XT-) 1 that got away

(Full disclosure: I was given a month or so with XT-1 that was lent to me courtesy of Fujifilm Philippines. They gave me Carte Blanche on what I want to do with the camera and what I want to say with it. As opposed to a typical review, I tried to play around and ended up with what you would read below. Photographs are straight out of camera jpegs or processed with VSCO cam/Instagram)

It was not really love at first sight. I saw my friend Eric using an XT-1 and telling me how great it is. “I should be with one” as other people in our photography group would say to me. I was apprehensive but what have I got to lose?

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My 13 step plan to organize my negatives

Time to tackle that disorganized pile of work.

It is only a matter of time before my 6 year old computer conks out its final breath. Fortunately, it has not give in yet but it is slowly showing signs of system failure. The computer has been struggling along giving off weird sounds, some of the lights are not working, and some programs that work smoothly before are now just giving up. Had it not been for Linux, my computer is probably dead.

Being that the case, I can’t open/use photography software anymore. Perhaps I can post some old work from time to time but that is not tackling the head of the problem. It is depressing as all hell since I can’t process my negatives properly (after scanning them of course). On the bright side, I can finally focus on more writing and perhaps tackle this unsorted mountain of work:


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The Profanity Factor in looking at Photographs

(A.g.’s note: Contains a lot of profanities)

Through the years of looking, taking, and making photographs, I found out a single factor of selecting which photographs I like or personally include in an edit. I use it all the time in my reblog tumblr or when I explore a photographer’s portfolio.

From now on, I think I’m going to call it the “Profanity Factor”.

The thought behind it is easy understand but how I arrived it, I don’t know.


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Anonymous said: Hi, do you know where I can get my hands on Contaxt T2 or T3 in Manila? Any places you recommend? Thank you. I've been lurking at local online shops but they don't have it.

Hi Anon,

T2 or T3 here in manila is hard to come by :(  

If you are on Facebook, I suggest being a member of this group dedicated as a market place for Film Photography based here on Manila.

Film Photography Swap 

Try and post a “Looking For” and maybe someone would like to sell.

If ever, my best bet is still JCH (Japan Camera Hunter) by Bellamy Hunt where I got my Konica Big Mini F. He asks a fee on top of the price of the camera but it is to make sure the camera you are getting is top notch and his service is really great.

I wish you the best of luck in your hunt :D


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